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Lærðu einfaldar en öflugra aðferðir í átt að stress minni lífsstíl. 
Styrktu ónæmiskerfið með öndun og kraft hugans.
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What People Say

“You must do this. You will end up knowing how much power your mind can have over your body, feelings, and over anything really, in life - and not only will you get to know it, but you’ll get to exercise this power. It’s definitely something that will stay with me as a habit and not just a one time exercise. Andri goes through the theory and practice in a really easy, simple way, you also learn about mind over body vividly and on yourself.”
Yuri, Bulgaria
“Amazing. Inspiring. Mindblowing. Professional. Empowering. Relaxing.
I will continue practicing this method, knowing that it can help me in so many ways.
I am truly thankful for the opportunity to learn how to let go and change my life. Now it's on me to do it.
Thank you ❤ ”
Ásdís, Iceland
“Amazing place to start the first day of the rest of your life.
I went in with no expectations, came out with new outlook on life. Already using the mindset in all aspects in my life, relationships, workout and daily tasks. Not just to handle cold water.”
Þór, Iceland
“This was an awakening, I have a new view on life”
Sarah, Canada

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